Grace was the love of my life.

She challenged me in ways I couldn’t imagine. Pushed me to the point where I was forced to question everything about life and love and what it meant to truly love someone unconditionally.
She had the ability to break through the deepest barriers – despite my best efforts to the contrary.

She taught me what true love was.

– Matthew R. MacEachern

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Our Story


The Grace Caroline MacEachern Memorial Foundation was founded in memory of our beautiful daughter Grace. “GiGi”; as her Dad liked to call her was challenged from birth with a number of physiological and cognitive challenges throughout her short but profound life. Despite the array of diagnosed and undiagnosed challenges, Grace’s personality, her beauty, biting wit and compassion left an indelible mark on all who she met. Grace passed away one early morning in her sleep in 2014 – she was 8 years old. She is our inspiration. Our hope is to bring comfort to children and families dealing with similar challenges associated with special needs and in the process; honor her memory


To provide compassion and joy through funding and education for families with special needs children to honor the life of Grace Caroline MacEachern.


Who Was Grace?


It’s a tall order but with the help of our dear friend Mary Ade – this description taken from her eulogy does it beautifully.
From birth, baby Grace was faced with incalculable challenges — yet always fought with unwavering strength, resilience and that extraordinary smile. Her personality was larger than life often bursting, clawing at the seams with a combination of mischief and affection. She loved to tell you (albeit in Spanish OR English) that you were gorgeous and…. VERY, VERY, VERY FAT… that was Grace.

It was clear to her parents early on, that Grace was special. She could be challenging… but boy, was she beautiful. And she was strong and she was happy… and what more could a Mother & Father ask for?

Were there difficult times? Absolutely. Yes. But EVERY DAY ended with laughter regarding the day’s series of often unfortunate events… followed by Matthew’s favorite quote, his favorite question and answer, with his favorite little girl:

“GiGi! What does love do?”
And GIGI confidently replied night after night,
“…Conquers all!”


Grace MacEachern was filled from head to toe with love:

She loved Hugs.
She loved Kisses.
She loved Dunkin Donuts.
She loved Perfume.
She loved Lotion.
She loved Coca-cola, Cupcakes and Cookies.
She loved Peanut Butter Crackers.
She loved Nantucket.
She loved The Ocean.
She loved her dog, Lucky.
And she loved Lipstick.

But most of all… Grace MacEachern loved People.

Her magnetic personality drew strangers and familiar faces alike with a biting charm and wit more apt to an intelligent adult than her peers.

She adored her grandparents. She was a steadfast big sister (and diaper changer) to her tiny baby brother, Xavier. She was an adoring little sister to her big brother Hunter… asking a thousand times a day,

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.51.22 PM

“Hunter, do you love me?”
And Handsome Hunter would always say,
“Yes, Grace, I love you. Do you love me?”
“Yes!” she replied with those piercing dark brown eyes,
“Yes! Yes! I love you!”

Never one to hold back on what Grace was thinking, she had the ability to easily open anyone to their core with a few sentences (if not unique questions) such as:

“Can you pick me up?”
“What did you have for breakfast?”
“Can I smell your breath?”
“Do you love me?”
“Do you have lipstick?”

And everyone’s all time favorite:


BTW: That last one was not always directed at women – OFTEN OVERWEIGHT MEN.

Everyone who knew Grace MacEachern felt she was an old soul – an old soul with a fantastic sense of humor. An ADULT sense of humor.

She asked Evelyn, just last week,

“Are you pregnant?”
And when she said,
She replied,
“You’re getting fat Mom, you better go on a diet!”

Grace never forgot anyone’s face or anyone’s name and demonstrated a deep understanding of those – young and old – with health challenges… and you know what? If you hurt yourself… SIX months later, ONE year later, THREE YEARS LATER… she would ask:

“Does your back still hurt??”

That was Grace.
Smart as a whip.
She remembered everything.

And as always – love conquers all.

Grace always had a smile on her face. Even through the mind-boggling appointments…. the unyielding travel… the planes… the fast ferrys… the slow ferrys.. the buses… the taxis… the hospitals…the doctors… the nurses… the PAIN.

Through it all:





She was strong as a bull.
She was FAST as lightning.
And if you held her… oh, if you held her… that grip knew no boundaries.

Sweet, darling lipstick girl, Grace. She has no boundaries now. She is a guardian angel – and we’re sure God is PATIENTLY listening to her many questions. She is now free to run, to dance, to eat whatever she wish’s! She is and will continue to be the love of her parent’s lives. She taught them what true love was and they are eternally grateful for that.


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